Performance Management Software

Tagetik 5 is innovative corporate performance management (CPM) software that unifies many Finance processes including budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, financial close, reporting, and disclosure in a single solution.

From strategic and operational planning to final disclosure reporting, Tagetik’s innovative open architecture has only one database, one set of data, and one calculation engine, providing a truly unified CPM software solution.

With this state-of-the-art corporate performance management technology, Tagetik 5 simplifies the complex processes of CPM, making it easier than ever for companies to manage and control the complexities of financial processes - without separate products for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting. Tagetik 5 can address one or all of these processes in a single solution.

Our award-winning Tagetik 5 Performance Management software, allows finance and technology executives to spend more time on analyzing, optimizing and expanding their business.

  • Create value by unifying all key Performance Management, Collaborative Disclosure Management, Financial Governance,
  • Business Intelligence processes in a single CPM software solution
  • Shorten deployment times and simplify maintenance by using built-in, pre-packaged Tagetik 5 financial intelligence that improve the budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, reporting and disclosure processes
  • Optimize communication and collaboration across large, international teams to improve budgeting and forecasting cycle times and enable faster, more informed decision-making
  • Simplify business processes and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by up to 50%
  • Meet local, national, and international disclosure requirements including 10Q, 10K,Quarterly Earnings, XBRL, Basel III and Solvency II
  • Do all this while leveraging existing investments in ERP, Business Intelligence and other IT infrastructure.

As a result of our continuous focus on innovation, Tagetik 5 Performance Management software can now provide powerful mobile access to any user, and is now available either on-premise or in the cloud. This gives you the freedom to track and manage your CPM financial data from anywhere at any time. Cloud computing, subscription or traditional on-premises, its your choice.

Planning and Consolidation into one System

To determine the performance of a company via performance management and business intelligence, many different business processes are taken into account - from strategy development over the longer-term planning, budgeting, through to forecasting, from the consolidation of the financial statements to publications including notes, analyzes of the contribution margin and deviations to management reporting and external reporting. You take control of one or all of these functions with the software solution Tagetik 5 so that decision makers can work together in the company and control the performance of the company without having to integrate different products and technologies.

pmOne sells Tagetik 5 a leading software solution for performance management (CPM) for medium-sized companies and also for DAX companies.

By investing in a single corporate performance management software solution, you gain a host of powerful business benefits, including the ability

  • Link operational activities with business strategy without complex integration
  • Go beyond finance (i.e. use pervasive and detailed budgeting, planning &
    forecasting processes across even the largest enterprise)
  • Manage communication and collaboration across multiple finance processes
  • Link tasks and activities to both budget objectives and actual performance
  • Improve control and workflow of activities and processes across the enterprise
  • Unify consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Gain flexibility to adapt to meet new business requirements quickly
  • Manage external compliance, disclosure and financial reporting from one source
  • Reduce cycle times and iterations of financial processes to enable finance to take on more

Discover how Tagetik 5 performance management software can help you easily unify and gain control over all or your CPM processes

  •     Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
  •     Cash Flow Planning
  •     Production Cost, Planning and Control
  •     Statutory and Management Consolidation
  •     Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis
  •     Financial Close & Fast Closing
  •     Dashboard & Scorecard


We believe that focusing on a specialty and doing it well is the best way to deliver the greatest value to our customers. 100% of our efforts are focused squarely on enterprise performance management software and processes. It is all we do and we do it well. Our software addresses multiple interrelated performance management processes including

  • budgeting
  • forecasting
  • consolidation and planning
  • reporting
  • disclosure management
  • business intelligence and analysis