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The Art of Planning

Optimize your important planning processes in controlling

Together with CCH ® Tagetik and the management consultancy Horvath & Partners we cordially invite you to the Art Of Planning event series. Optimizations in the area of responsibility of the CFO, in particular Best Practices for Group Controlling for Group Planning and various reporting requirements are the focus of the AOP.

CCH® Tagetik will be presented on the basis of extensive live demos: the flexible software solution for Consolidation , cash flow statement, as well as Corporate Planning in medium-sized companies and global corporations. In addition to the "classic" planning topics around CCH® Tagetik, we also focus on the pmOne solutions Smart Start Planning , our project accelerator in enterprise planning and XPCT , our solution for driver-based simulation and forecasting.


If you, as the person responsible or involved in planning processes, are looking for inspiration and are happy to use state-of-the-art methods and procedures in your work, then it is certainly worth your while to visit our AOP!

On the Vienna Appointment
Thomas Scheurecker of Greiner Holding AG gives you insights from the customer's point of view and outlines an outlook on future strategic planning with driver models and a top-down approach at Greiner Holding AG.

To the Stuttgart date

Johannes Muthmann, Senior IT Architect at APCOA, offers practical insights into planning regularly carried out by CCH® Tagetik in a practical lecture by the Baden-Württemberg "hidden champion" APCOA Parking Holdings GmbH in Stuttgart.

To the Zurich appointment

Krystian Hlasek, CFO of AMAG Import, gives you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Swiss mobility expert.

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