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Our expertise: Analytics Platform as a further development of a data warehouse

In many projects at pmOne's clients, it has crystallized as a best practice to develop the concept of the data warehouse into an Analytics Platform for solutions that address business intelligence and reporting, advanced analytics, enterprise planning and corporate consolidation. The concept, construction and operation of an Analytics Platform is an important competence area of pmOne.

For an Analytics Platform for which there are no standards, we prefer Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft's Analytics Platform System (APS), Microsoft Azure, Power BI, SAP HANA, or Datameer, depending on the project requirements. The self-developed software cMORE is used when it comes to data modeling or when access to data in SAP ERP ECC (R / 3) or SAP BI (SAP BW) is necessary. Also for monitoring database processes and starting workflows in an Analytics Platform, cMORE can help with an administration cockpit.

The benefits of an Analytics Platform are particularly important when using Advanced Analytics.

Structure of a Data Warehouse

For the construction of a data warehouse, the advantages of an evolutionary procedure, often disrespectfully referred to as "testing", are analogous. There are applications where traditional approaches to a data warehouse are still the right path. However, in a holistic view, the data warehouse must be expanded by technologies and processes that allow evolutionary and iterative approaches. The technologies for this are now available and meet the requirements regarding ease of operation and speed.