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System performance soared to new heights with CCH® Tagetik

Solution overview

As the largest parking management company in Europe, APCOA must incorporate the requirements of 13 independently operating countries in its budgeting and planning processes. With CCH® Tagetik, APCOA can make many modifications or even extend the software on its own and has gained a great deal of self-sufficiency in the process.

Project background

The parking facility expert, which employs approximately 5,000 people in its national subsidiaries, is a decentralized organization. The decentralized organizational structures at APCOA demand highly agile planning and consolidation processes. The individual companies, which are more or less autonomous as far as their IT is concerned, use very different ERP systems. Monthly, annual and budget reports are sent directly to the holding.



Due to these circumstances, the holding needs capabilities to process the delivered numbers quickly and simply in a variety of ways and to utilize them for business intelligence processes.

Reasons for choosing CCH® Tagetik and cMORE/XL

“As a holding, we were looking for finance software that is extremely agile in data delivery and completely independent from specific ERP systems and vendors, “explained Johannes Muthmann. Since the price differences of its short list were minimal, functionality was the decisive factor in choosing CCH® Tagetik. Renowned reference customers such as Metro AG also spoke for the software platform. To make the new system productive as quickly as possible, the holding created an upload option through a defined CSV interface with the help of pmOne. Since that time, it has added further options for data input and validations, which the individual companies use in a variety of ways. Since the department‘s reporting requirements are constantly growing, they looked here for a solution as well. In order to continue using the advantages of Excel, they chose the Excel add-in cMORE/XL from pmOne. This tool provides a number of additional analytic functions, which can be used for ad hoc analytics or standard reporting.


CCH® Tagetik is used for monthly consolidations, annual consolidated financial statements and planning for all budget periods in the APCOA Group. Whereas budget for the following year is planned by individual months, midterm planning covers the following four years on an annual basis. All periods in the budgeting process at APCOA are consolidated with CCH® Tagetik. Corporate cost center managers also use the system to plan their cost centers (parking garages) in the system.

Pros of the solution

  • CCH® Tagetik as a platform for budgeting, planning and consolidation processes
  • Significant boost in performance
  • High self-sufficiency
  • Automation through links to master data management

High level of self-sufficiency

“One of the main advantages is that we as users can make many modifications to CCH® Tagetik quickly and easily on our own without having to involve the vendor or our implementation partner every time,” Muthmann continued. “This high level of self-sufficiency has a lot to do with its underlying Microsoft foundation and the extensive know-how that is available internally. This allows us to make changes and integrate new functions on our own.” “Aside from that, performance has jumped significantly,” he added. Thanks to the possibility to take a look ‘under the hood’ and make adjustments to the solution, the parking management company has built a solid exchange between CCH® Tagetik and master data management. Up to 70 different attributes, such as contract periods or the number of parking spaces, can be administered through the master data interface. This reduces the work involved and eliminates the need for manual data upkeep in CCH® Tagetik.

Further plans to enhance financial planning

Plans to extend the CCH® Tagetik platform are already in the making. This includes the implementation of IFRS 16 accounting standards and the further roll out of driver-based planning, which is currently used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Another potential option is the deployment of CCH® Tagetik Collaborative Office, a solution that drastically simplifies reporting and disclosure processes through intelligent links to the correct numbers in body text of a report.

Customer profile

APCOA PARKING Holdings GmbH is the leading full-service parking management company in Europe. The group, which manages about 1.4 million individual parking spaces, has a workforce of 5,000 employees and currently generates approximately 1 billion euros in annual revenues. Through its international experience and regional know-how, APCOA group offers its customers tailored solutions and can operate as a tenant both independently and objectively.

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