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Bizerba harmonizes accounting and performance management with CCH® Tagetik

Solution overview

Since the replacement of its rather rigid, aging consolidation solution with CCH® Tagetik, the group controlling department at Bizerba has achieved tremendous quality gains in just a few years. This unified CPM platform fulfills the company's entire requirements for consolidation, planning and reporting based on a single point of truth. In combination with the tool, Smart Start Consolidation from pmOne, Bizerba today has a future-proof consolidation and reporting system, which the team can extend on its own.

Significant efficiency and quality gains since the implementation of CCH® Tagetik

Since the adoption of CCH® Tagetik as a central consolidation and reporting solution, monthly financial statements are ready much faster. The annual financial statements are even finished four weeks earlier than with the previous solution. What’s more, the family-owned German company in its fifth generation now has a single pool of data for both internal and external reporting. Time-consuming internal coordination tasks have since all but disappeared. The data is reliable and transparent.


Aside from these efficiency gains, Bizerba has also experienced a boost in quality since it started using CCH® Tagetik to consolidate its actuals and planning data. Creating annual financial statements, therefore, is no more complicated than making a 13th monthly report.

Consolidation solution with a good dose of performance management

Elsebrock appreciates the fact he can use CCH® Tagetik to model a heterogeneous ERP system landscape based on his needs and collect the group’s data for consolidation. Since the company is family owned, legal financial statements are only relevant when they are to be certified and, therefore, are a by-product in his view. CCH® Tagetik can map these types of matrix organizations and this, in his opinion, is the true strength of the platform. Bizerba has utilized this to completely transfer its group KPIs including P&L and balance sheet items to a model broken down by divisions – and has gained greater insights on its business in the process. 

Solution Benefits

  • Future-proof consolidation and reporting solution that covers all imaginable scenarios
  • Faster cycles for monthly and annual financial statements
  • Fewer uncertainties and less time needed for coordination
  • Various views on data though the potential for segmentation in CCH® Tagetik
  • Further tweaks in efficiency and maximum utilization of CCH® Tagetik benefits with Smart Start Con¬solidation

From the underdog to the favorite

Yet back when Elsebrock was making plans to replace its aging SAP ECCS solution, Tagetik wasn’t even on his radar. Due to the company's requirements for segmentation and the consolidation of actuals and plan data, there were not many vendors left at the end. “CCH® Tagetik won me over because it delivers what we need in consolidation to harmonize our internal and external accounting,” he explained. Today, just a few years later, the avid Tagetik user confirms that the software delivers everything that a modern CPM platform requires – no matter which accounting standards are applied. “Today we have a solution that we can use to address future topics,” he added. “We cannot imagine a single scenario where the software would reach its limits.

Made for business users

“The solution is truly user friendly and designed so that our team can work with it self-sufficiently without needing IT support or even coding. You simply select an option and set the parameters on your own. CCH® Tagetik is very strong in that regard.” Aside from the software’s features and functions, Elsebrock also got to know and appreciate the project experience and competent consulting of his service partner, pmOne. “The consultants know what they are talking about – and not only in the sense that they know the software and can avoid the typical project pitfalls,” he confided. He also praised the standardized approach used by the consultants at pmOne. In case of staffing changes, this guarantees continuity for the client especially with regard to timetables.

Building and implementing flexible, user-defined dimension models

Whether in consolidation rules, capital consolidation or calculating minority interests, the finance expert views CCH® Tagetik as a solution that wants to be developed further. In the coming months, an additional dimension will be added to the solution to provide greater insights on customers.

Using SSC to further boost the productivity of the CCH® Tagetik solution

Yet Bizerba, which was already using CCH® Tagetik when SSC was launched, proved that the tool’s clever concept and adaptable model is worthwhile for experienced CCH® Tagetik clients as well. SSC also comes with a large number of pre-built reports, a sample group chart of accounts and a detailed user guide. As Elsebrock confirmed, it has proven to be an enormous help in building structures and accounts, mapping sample business cases, and transferring them to the respective situation. 

Customer profile

Bizerba offers customers within the industry, retail, and logistics sectors a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software based around the central value "weight". Since 1866, Bizerba has significantly defined technical developments in the handling of food and is today represented in 120 countries. With around 4.100 employees worldwide and with our headquarters in Balingen, Germany, Bizerba has now been in the same family for five generations.

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