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Digitalization: A massive undertaking

ECE Projektmanagement GmbH is the market leader for intercity shopping centers in the midst of this massive upheaval. Each day, over four million customers visit one of its shopping galleries across Europe. To tackle the massive undertaking of digitalization head on, the company must also probe many internal processes.

Unified planning and performance management

Faced with these questions, ECE contracted pmOne to implement CCH® Tagetik as a comprehensive planning and performance management solution for the office of finance. Since 2016, the company has unified cash flow planning for its 200 shopping centers with the software. Currently, it is integrating group consolidation for around 60 fully consolidated subsidiaries. Thanks to the CCH® Tagetik, the percentage of time spent processing data has dropped from 60 percent to 10 percent.

Security and flexibility through scalable resources

Considering the far-sweeping changes across the retail industry, ECE saw a growing yet fluctuating need to support both day-to-day operations and new extensions to the Tagetik solution. In particular, additional knowhow and capacities were necessary to ensure smooth, flexible software operations.


All enterprise processes in general are becoming more complex with the ongoing digitalization. Accordingly, so are the requirements for application support and operations with regard to compliance, scalability, availability and IT security. That especially applies to applications with direct ties to central enterprise processes.


To meet its special requirements, ECE designed a comprehensive service framework with pmOne. This consists of different individual offerings based on the four columns of operations services at pmOne: maintenance, administration, enhancements and support. The objective was to guarantee application operations especially in critical phases.

Trouble-free transition

When the operations services were first introduced, ECE systematically defined the central support task. To find these answers, the company looked back on its own experience over the past year. Minor changes remained in the IT department of ECE, more complex topics or if access to other systems is required, should be taken over by pmOne. “The decisive point is to find the right service transfer point – in other words, when do we need IT or the business department and when do we need pmOne?” commented Peer Ziegler with regard to the contract design. “That was solved professionally.”


“For the operational takeover, we run the process through from start to finish, for example: How do we provide remote access? What documentation is available? How do we create the ticket system? Who is our contact for which topics?” explained Bernd Zimmermann, who supervises the project as Business Unit Leader SLA and Operations at pmOne. “It is also important to identify the high-intensity phases of the planning process when many questions arise. Here we offer an extended service time from 9 AM to 8 PM.”

Solution Benefits

  • Operations without downtime
  • Fast error handling
  • Transparent processes

Smooth operations

The operations services have been running in standard mode since Fall 2017. “Things have been going very smoothly since then – simply because we know that we have access to qualified resources when we need them, “commented Sörensens. “That was definitely the case when we needed to modify one of the more extensive procedures and calculations in Tagetik. Parental leave, sick days or vacations are no longer a potential disruption to our operations. It also saves us the work of finding suitable employees for these tasks. We definitely profit from a better cost-benefit ratio compared to a new hire.”


Peer Ziegler encourages companies to have more differentiated perspective when it comes to choosing operations services. “The effect is really visible on the operational level because users receive competent help immediately,” he added. “As far as managing the support process is concerned, it is important to find the right balance between transparency for the client and feasible activity reporting on the side of pmOne. We have solved that problem by granting pmOne access to our support systems so that everything is documented. On a strategic level, pmOne can also coach us with additional expertise, for example, when it comes to new developments.”


ECE is currently working with pmOne to migrate the Tagetik data model to the data model of SAP as the enterprise ERP system. Application-specific expertise is needed here once again. “This transformation process is extremely demanding on us right now at ECE,” confided Sörensen. “In order for us to focus on the urgent business topics resulting from the transformation and the more strategic role of controllers, we will certainly be relying on the competencies of pmOne with regard to technical operations even more in the future. Once again this demonstrates the advantage of the scalability of support services.”

Company Profile

ECE, a project management holding based in Hamburg, Germany, develops, plans, builds, leases and manages large commercial properties in the business areas of Shopping, Office, Traffic and Industries. It offers the complete scope of real estate services from a single source. By bundling its entire know-how, ECE generates considerable value for its customers, clients and partners.

With pmOne, we immediately have competent support at our side – whenever we need it.

Jens Leidig, Projektmanager im Service Management, ECE

Operation Services

Aside from the concept design and implementation, pmOne also provides operations services for corporate performance solutions such as CCH® Tagetik. Companies profit from short response times, scalable resources and additional application expertise. The office in Gran Canaria offers many strategic advantages. The nearshore model ensures identical operating hours and on-site option for consultants. The location also provides cost advantages with highly qualified employees through the university in Las Palmas.

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