Where we want to go? - Our Mission

We give our clients a competitive advantage through our knowledge and technologies for planning, reporting, analysis and forecasting. We make our clients #DATENVERSTEHER.

  • We shape and influence our markets as pioneers in our fields.
  • We have satisfied clients who recommend us to other companies.
  • We are the top employer* in the industry.

Business Intelligence with Microsoft

From a technology standpoint, pmOne is committed to Microsoft because Microsoft offers:

  • Constant innovation
  • Truly open architecture
  • Full scalability from a small departmental solution to a global data warehouse
  • Unparalleled total cost of ownership (TCO)

Our Specialties

Although our expertise ranges from A to Z (see Products and Solutions for more details), pmOne solutions share many common traits:

  • The integration of modern data visualization techniques as preached by Edward Tufte, Stephen Few, Rolf Hichert and other international experts in this field.
  • The ability to understand and analyze business data - not just dress up the same old reporting processes.
  • professional project management based on proven methodology
  • Systematic integration into your existing IT infrastructure in close cooperation with your IT department
  • The ambition to make you want to become pmOne's next reference customer

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