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cMORE/Connect for SAP

A faster, more flexible way to build a data warehouse for your SAP data

Many companies rely on SAP ECC (R/3) as a central ERP system.  At the same time, many companies are using software infrastructure from Microsoft, especially SQL Server, Excel and SharePoint.  These products are commonly used because Microsoft technology is regarded as an innovative and cost-effective solution for Business Intelligence and Big Data.  cMORE/Connect for SAP combines SAP and Microsoft technology to provide a solution for reporting and analysis which takes advantage of existing IT infrastructure and enables companies to reuse existing investments.

Reusing investments in IT infrastructure

cMORE/Connect for SAP is intelligent software for connecting SAP and Microsoft technology. Connect eliminates hours of tedious work by creating infrastructure automatically to make content (dimensions, hierarchies, characteristics and key figures) based on data and structures from the SAP environment available in a Microsoft SQL Server environment. 


This way, Microsoft technology with all of its flexibility, ease of use and good response times, can be used in conjunction with a SAP environment.  The necessary licenses for software infrastructure (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office) already exist in many companies, so this enables reuse of existing investments. 


The same applies to end user tools: creating, distributing and managing reports using data from SAP can be done using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and Microsoft SharePoint.

cMORE Connect SAP


  • Getting an alternative to a SAP-based Data Warehouse in a few days
  • Simple and smart combination of existing investments in SAP and software infrastructure from Microsoft
  • Easy to integrate other data sources
  • Use of Excel and other standard tools for reporting and analysis
  • Broad access to available expertise and open Microsoft technology

"Quickstart" modules for cMORE Connect SAP

Financial Management & Controlling

  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable 
  • Controlling (Cost Objects, Cost Center Accounting)
  • Profit Center Accounting

Material Management

  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Project System

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Jump-start your implementation with cMORE

cMORE/Connect for SAP removes much of the complexity involved with manual definition of the interfaces between SAP and Microsoft BI.  This innovative product uses key building blocks to speed up implementation:


  • Access to actual SAP metadata for easier integration of standard and custom data sources and fields
  • Data loading process management creates robust infrastructure
  • Automatic data synchronization between SAP and Microsoft BI based on best practices
  • Fast and flexible connectivity to SAP data sources
  • Ability to perform full and incremental data loads
  • Predefined business content (optional, available for a variety of subject areas)


These building blocks enable an application for reporting and analysis to be implemented very quickly. cMORE/Connect for SAP uses infrastructure based on Microsoft SQL Server, including Reporting Services and Integration Services.  The predefined content is also based on Microsoft BI technology.  This enables solutions for reporting and analysis to be created, serviced and expanded leveraging existing skill sets within many organizations.

These three core building blocks quickly implement an application for & nbsp; Reporting and analysis that typically covers 80 percent of the requirements. Microsoft's flexible and easy-to-use tools then allow you to refine, optimize and deploy this application. & Nbsp;

cMORE/Connect for SAP uses the standard "Reporting Services" and "Integration Services" delivered with Microsoft SQL Server and is based on preconfigured standard content. It provides applications for reporting and analysis that can be operated, maintained and expanded with existing or widely available know-how.


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