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From the self-service professional to the Excel geek to the report recipient, who would most like to have a clear PDF file: The requirements of the users are extremely heterogeneous. The challenge is to serve all needs with reasonable effort and without a disgusting set of tools.

We deal with the topic comprehensively:


  • Organizationally, our subsidiary verovis is an expert in the organization of "reporting factory" models
  • Technical , we are experienced in creating efficient "self service" architectures
  • Conceptually, from the experience of> 30 projects for the introduction of " Information Design " as a visual standardization concept
  • And increase the efficiency of reporting in Excel, SharePoint and in the cloud with our " cMORE " products.

Benefit from our experience with our tools - We look forward to the dialogue with you!

Reporting with cMORE/Share
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cMORE's reporting tools (modules) provide a holistic approach to reporting - proven in large companies and global corporations.

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