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Fabian Nilgen

Fabian Nilgen, a senior consultant at pmOne, sought compensation for his demanding job as a project leader in large customer projects. True to the motto "Think Big" he found a marathon. This is not about any marathon, no, his goal is to participate in all six World Majors.


After the debut at the Berlin Marathon 2013 and the two traditional runs in New York City (2015) and Chicago (2016), half are done. The training plans for Boston, Tokyo and London are created, but first he faces the Tough Mudder in 2017.

Tanja Ivaniutina

pmOne is the perfect employer for Tanja Ivaniutina right from the start. Immediately at the "most pleasant job interview imaginable", she becomes aware of the spirit and the family atmosphere and signs a training contract for the office clerk, only to fall in love with the bookkeeping "at once" at the beginning of the apprenticeship. With so much passion it is clear that the native Ukrainian remains true to the pmOne even after the final exam, which she holds with distinction. In the meantime, she does not consider herself as a learned person for a long time. She soon wants to take off the "Junior status" in her new job title as an accountant and is certain that her colleagues will support her 100% in her professional development.

Markus Begerow and Sebastian Müller

Hardly started - fully started. & Nbsp; Markus Begerow and Sebastian Müller , data warehouse consultants at pmOne Berlin, got into the consultant life in mid-2013 and got along immediately like pitch and sulfur.


Coming from different areas, they do not see themselves as competitors, but rather use their strengths to motivate and promote each other.

Norman Bernhardt

Norman Bernhardt While traveling often enough above the clouds, he works with a fondness for customers in the aviation industry. However, Berlin owes the name "the cloud whisperer" to the fact that it is completely dedicated to Cloud BI.


Not floating on clouds, but with a clear mind, he devotes himself to innovative customer solutions in the cloud environment. He also brings back to the bottom of scientific facts his doctorate, which he is currently working on - of course on cloud computing.

Gerhard Brückl and Christoph Riebenbauer

The knowledge acquired by Gerhard Brückl from Vienna (l.) As an architect for Microsoft-based business intelligence solutions is passed on in his expert blog to customers and interested parties.


Christoph Riebenbauer , also a consultant at pmOne Österreich GmbH, completed his training in 2013 as a certified Tagetik trainer and since spring 2014 he also holds a master's degree in his pocket.

Alexander Hermes and Natalie Sobek

Entering an exciting big project right at the beginning of your consulting career - this wish came true for Alexander Hermes and Natalie Sobek .


Both have been strengthening pmOne Cologne since mid-2013 and are now an integral part of the project team at a major customer. As compensation, Alexander likes to get on the road bike, Natalie prefers to climb the mountains.