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Performance Management - Banks

Software Tagetik in use at banks worldwide

What do the largest banks in Italy, the Netherlands and Austria have in common? They use Tagetik - Performance Management for banks.

Unicredit Group in Italy is one of the largest users of Software Tagetik for Performance Management - Banks worldwide with over 3800 users and 3000 companies to consolidate. The largest Italian bank uses Tagetik's software solution for group consolidation, regulatory reporting, planning and budgeting. Rabobank in the Netherlands replaced the various Hyperion Enterprise installations in 2012 with a Tagetik Web-based consolidation application. The ERSTE Group in Austria uses Tagetik for group consolidation , external reporting, segment reporting and Risk information taking into account Basel III regulations and compliance according to IFRS and FinRep .

Performance Management - Banks

Erste Group banks on Tagetik for IFRS and FinRep compliance

Common consolidation standards throughout the group

Raiffeisen Bank International flexibly consolidates planning data with pmOne solution

Tagetik as a flexible instrument for the consolidation

Performance Management - Banks - controlling important business processes

With Tagetik, banks and financial service providers can control important business processes in the finance department. These include:


  • Group Consolidation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Legal Reporting
  • Financial Controls and Compliance
  • Evaluation questions for management and supervisory bodies
  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Strategic Planning
  • Financial Statements and Fast Close
  • Contribution margin analysis and internal activity allocation


With Tagetik (Performance Management - Banks), banks and financial institutions determine the profitability of individual product offerings, services or fees and their impact on P & L, liquidity and regulatory reporting. With Tagetik's unified approach, tools are available to quickly implement solutions that simplify complex business processes in the financial services industry. On top of that, Tagetik

  • Improve the transparency and thus the controllability of lines of business and product areas
  • a wide range of financial business processes, from strategic planning to financial reporting, simplified and unified,
  • cover different regulatory requirements and internal reporting requirements for management with a single solution and a single database,
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for all performance management processes
  • Implementation of control mechanisms and validations in processes and reporting
  • make business cooperation in the financial area more efficient and effective, even when it comes to intragroup transactions, transfer pricing or the reporting system,
  • meets legal and other regulatory requirements, including Solvency II and Basel III, with automated, risk-weighted determination of assets and corresponding capital calculation;
  • ensure complete traceability and traceability of all data in a single solution, from initial strategic planning to financial reporting.

Tagetik worldwide

Today, more than 190 financial services and insurance companies around the world use Tagetik for group consolidation, business planning or reporting because of all the regulatory overheads required, such as Basel III, Solvency II (Pillar 1, 2 and 3), Fin-Rep / CoRep and US Call Reports and Canadian regulations , are considered in the unified software solution for Corporate Performance Management.

Tagetik sets standards in the Austrian banking market

In Austria, even five out of the top ten banks use Tagetik's Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software.

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St. Galler Kantonalbank – Tagetik provides an elegant solution for its auditing requirements

No more media breaks in the preparation of financial reporting

Planning and Consolidation into one System

To determine the performance of a company via performance management and business intelligence, many different business processes are taken into account - from strategy development over the longer-term planning, budgeting, through to forecasting, from the consolidation of the financial statements to publications including notes, analyzes of the contribution margin and deviations to management reporting and external reporting. You take control of one or all of these functions with the software solution Tagetik 5 so that decision makers can work together in the company and control the performance of the company without having to integrate different products and technologies.

pmOne sells Tagetik 5 a leading software solution for performance management (CPM) for medium-sized companies and also for DAX companies.

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