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Smart Start Consolidation

The innovative in-house product of pmOne for carefree business dealings

Smart Start Consolidation helps you. The preparation of annual, interim or consolidated financial statements can be very stressful. Will a timely and compliant completion of the transaction be possible this time? Were the adjustments successful for new consolidation requirements? pmOne takes care of your worries and pampers you with a holistic smart package. Sit back and rely on a safe and fast rocket launch towards a successful deal.

Smart Start Consolidation

Decide on the smart consolidation package from pmOne and your rocket launch in the direction of a successful and carefree deal!

One single point of truth – alles aus einer Hand

The solution developed by pmOne is based on the leading corporate performance management software from CCH® Tagetik. This ensures a comprehensible and rapid implementation and overall process flow. CCH® Tagetik is characterized by its speed and flexible adaptability to your individual work processes. As a strong partner, pmOne will always be at your side, both during the implementation phase and afterwards.

If it's really fast

CCH® Tagetik is a pre-built, short-implementation platform of just one month. Behind it hides a very easy to understand logic.


Reach for the stars and enjoy the journey into the future of annual and consolidated financial statements.


Fasten your seatbetls! The successful start with SSC for carefree business start in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... START!

All advantages of the pmOne project accelerator SSC


Ideal project accelerator for plan and legal consolidation

Your service

Complete introduction through pmOne, application implementation and coaching approach

USP / uniqueness

For every medium-sized company up to the multinational company

Best Practice

20 years of experience, project- and customer-proven, comprehensive documentation, flexibility in adaptability

Your advantages

Reduce project turnaround time with a ready for test approach and achieve a better ROI

High-end consolidation for medium-sized companies right up to multinational corporations

pmOne AG presents solution for fast implementation of complex consolidation requirements.

20 years of project experience allow go-live after four weeks

Smart Start Consolidation based on CCH® Tagetik is a ready-made consolidation application that covers all the necessary and common consolidation issues, enables a fast and documented implementation and takes into account the requirements for monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements. The application Smart Start Consolidation is a best-practice implementation of experts with 20 years of project experience, which has already been used successfully in numerous customer projects. Because Smart Start Consolidation is a ready-made consolidation application based on CCH® Tagetik, in which only the corporate structures of the user company have to be taken into account. A "ready for test" approach allows a go-live of the consolidation application about four weeks after the project starts. "Ready For Test" means that the group structures are initialized by the consultants of pmOne in Smart Start Consolidation and that the users are incorporated into CCH® Tagetik during the subsequent tests. Users thus learn the professional handling of CCH® Tagetik directly and save themselves training in aspects that are irrelevant in the further operation.



Characteristic of Smart Start Consolidation is the high degree of automation in capital consolidation. Even very complex corporate structures can be easily modeled and managed, changes in the Group structure, such as initial consolidation, deconsolidation, merger, divestment within the Group are handled just as quickly and easily as capital increases or capital reductions. Each subgroup can be immediately consolidated in any currency. Each automatic or manual booking is logged (who, when, what) and can be evaluated accordingly.

Ideal typical project sequence

The duration of a project to introduce SmartStart Consolidation based on CCH® Tagetik until the go-live is approximately four to five full working weeks; The first week of conception will be done together with the customer, followed by two to three weeks parameterisation by pmOne. It is necessary for the user to attend the F & R training for CCH® Tagetik, so that in the fourth or fifth week after the project starts, the transfer and introduction to the finished consolidation application takes place according to the "Ready-For-Test" approach.


The successful use of Smart Start Consolidation presupposes the existence of a suitable group account plan, which is conceptually reviewed for applicability only and, if necessary, modified. A redesign of the chart of accounts is explicitly not part of the implementation project. The predefined structures for the data model construction must be provided by the customer in machine-processable form (Excel). For this a structure file is provided by pmOne.


Creation of the core system

The consolidation issues are analyzed on the basis of old qualifications and taken into account in the concept. Smart Start Consolidation is used to create the core system, balance sheet and income statement. Smart Start Consolidation significantly accelerates the introduction of CCH® Tagetik for consolidation and reduces the overhead of the launch project compared to a "greenfield" launch. Smart Start Consolidation has been used successfully in numerous projects. We are happy to give you references.

Own support to Tagetik

pmOne employees provide first-level support for CCH® Tagetik in their own suport center. Second-level support is handled in direct communication with CCH® Tagetik's support teams at its headquarters in Lucca, Italy.

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