Orchestrating business performance in the digital age

Every day, senior managers and financial professionals are faced with more decisions that are linked to the growing digitalization of the economy. For an agile management team that has the support of modern performance management tools, these challenges are opportunities for growth. To secure the company's competitive advantages, they develop new business models and use their creativity to fight and eliminate old-fashioned, linear ways of thinking.


pmOne serves as a trusted partner during this transformation phase and tackles the fears that often come with change. As a leading provider of solutions for business and artificial intelligence, pmOne makes companies future-ready with new predictive forecasting technologies.


Defining the conditions for making decisions and developing common visions for the future were just two of the topics at "La Controllata", an event which pmOne hosted at the philharmonic orchestra in Hamburg, Germany, with CCH® Tagetik, a software specialist for corporate performance management. Around 300 guests from business, politics and the press used the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in this field. The experts at pmOne demonstrated how its own XPCT solution platform enables companies to record changes and risks throughout the business at an early stage and take calculated risks as part of an efficient volatility management. XPCT uses driver modules to provide the framework for comprehensive forecasting and simulation.


"Just as every soloist in an orchestra contributes to the overall performance, individual processes must be integrated seamlessly in CPM," explained Stefan Sexl, Chief Marketing Officer at pmOne. "It's about finding an optimal way to connect existing solutions in an overall performance management concept to enable a forward-looking, strategy development process."


Another presentation on predictive forecasting with CCH® Tagetik illustrated how companies can truly integrate processes from forecasting and what-if simulations to budgeting. "With CCH® Tagetik, our users are well prepared to face all requirements of modern-day corporate performance management head on", added Andreas Drescher, Managing Director at CCH® Tagetik. Representatives from the financial management team of the leading shopping center ECE also shared their experiences in using digital platforms for planning, analysis and reporting.

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