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Fast and easy to find a solution for business intelligence, reporting, analysis and visualization

cMORE reporting helps users to build faster solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), Reporting , analysis and visualization expand and operate efficiently. Take advantage of what you have - with cMORE Reporting, you do not get a new software platform that you have to spend a lot of time introducing, training and converting your company data into new data formats.

Solutions for your Reporting

cMORE Reporting - MessageGive your reports a message. While the Excel user is still struggling to create the right Excel charts, cMORE/Message and its Excel chart templates will help you explain the really relevant things in the report.


cMORE/Message allows users to create their own Excel charts - from simple bar charts to complex waterfall charts - with just a few clicks. Faster than any Excel power user. In a company-wide uniform representation. According to accepted controlling standards.

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cMORE Reporting - XLThe key to company-wide reporting is already in your hands: cMORE / XL uses Excel as the central hub for all reporting tasks. cMORE / XL retains the power of Excel - flexibility and end-user autonomy - and embeds it in an environment that delivers process-reliable, enterprise-proven reporting that meets the diverse needs of the business.


Figuratively speaking, cMORE/XL is a reliable workhorse for corporate reporting. And it works without restrictions: no matter whether recipients are to be supplied with reports via the web, smartphones and touchpads or via SharePoint: cMORE/XL picks up users where they feel at home - in Excel.


cMORE/XL combines the company-wide requirement for a reporting solution with the ease of an Excel add-on, making it the centerpiece of reporting in hundreds of companies around the world.

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cMORE Reporting - BooksMonthly reporting robs you of the last nerve? Eliminate many manual reporting processes and automate the creation of pre-defined and personalized report books.


With cMORE/Books you summarize reports from different sources into personalized report books and distribute them to the different target groups at the touch of a button. The report can be delivered in any file format and depends on the wishes of the recipient.

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cMORE Reporting - ShareYour wish is a company-wide uniform platform for "Self Service BI"? Personalized and field-tested: cMORE/Share is u.a. At Henkel, Daimler or Heraeus, the central entry point for business intelligence applications and reporting for thousands of employees.


2x awarded the Best Practice Award for Business Intelligence: In 2012, Heraeus won the "Single Point of Access" solution and in 2015 the "OneDashboard" solution at Henkel, the renowned Best Practice Award for Business Intelligence, presented by a panel of experts chaired by Dr. Ing. Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of the Business Application Research Center (BARC). The award-winning solutions at Heraeus and Henkel are based on cMORE / Share and realized with the support of pmOne.

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cMORE Reporting with Microsoft

cMORE Reporting is based on standard databases (SQL Server) and front-end tools (Excel, Sharepoint, Power BI) from Microsoft and extends them to a complete reporting, which ranges from self-service via Excel reporting to the pure user of reports in the cloud serves all classic target groups in the company.

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