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Create complete, custom report books automatically

cMORE/Books is the "Bookbinder" for enterprise reporting, automatically generating complete briefing books based on data from SAP and other source systems.  The report books are personalized for different users and groups, and distributed in different formats such as paper, electronically, or live on a tablet.


Corporate reporting is a major challenge.  There is significant work involved, such as joining tables, comments and graphics to form a homogeneous report and distributing it to a heterogeneous group of recipients, often under pressure.  Often the data needed for reporting comes from different sources, such as a data warehouse, multidimensional databases and Excel spreadsheets.  The process is further complicated by manual changes, which can happen at the last second before the reports need to be distributed.


cMORE/Books is a flexible solution for a reliable reporting process that is used, managed, and operated by employees of Controlling, Finance, and Reporting departments.  The key lies in the use of Excel as the control center.  In this familiar setting the reports are developed and connected using predefined interfaces to source systems. This enables business users to respond quickly and autonomously, even when they have to deal with last-minute changes.

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Report books give a holistic view

In many companies, different versions of similar reports are produced and distributed by different departments.  Frequently departments such as Accounting, Controlling, or Marketing set their own standards for reporting.  The reason for this lack of integration across the enterprise is almost always the complexity of the process and the "last mile" of the reporting system, even if a central information platform (Data Warehouse) is present.  The process is further complicated by information added manually such as comments, or other external data. 


cMORE/Books can be used as an enterprise-wide reporting platform to provide a wholistic view of the organization - without a complex IT project.  With cMORE/Books, reports with chapters from different departments or individuals can be produced in a single operation.  The cMORE/Books workflow provides an overview of the chapters and pages, which have already been delivered, or are still pending. The standardization of the layout with centrally defined headers and footers, page numbers, logos, etc. is integrated with the fully automated cMORE/Books report production process.


  • Time saving by fully automating the reporting process
  • Output of briefing books personalized for each user group
  • Access to all relevant source systems without integration effort
  • Department solution with little need for IT support
  • Create once, deploy many times: reports for print, PDF and tablet in a single cycle
  • Combination of Excel flexibility and secure documented processes

Flexible distribution options: from paper to tablet

The technology of choice for report consumption varies considerably in a typical reporting environment.  In addition to the traditional users who prefer paper reports, there are those who prefer to get their information on a tablet.  These users often expect device-specific functionality such as zooming and browsing.  Many other report recipients prefer electronic media - especially PDF format for laptops and PCs.

cMORE/Books is able to produce report books for all of these different recipients and to provide information to each user according to his or her individual preferences.  A user can read his book electronically on a tablet and PC, or receive a professional-looking printed document.  The header section, logos, page numbering and other special requirements like tabs are automatically integrated in the report production process used by cMORE/Books.

Automate repetitive reporting tasks

cMORE/Books will guide you through the complete process of setting up report books and has an intuitive interface for making extensions and modifications at any time.  In the cMORE/Books control center, the production of each report is managed and configured.  Here, aspects of the reporting lifecycle can be controlled, for example, report production can be set to relaunch every month.  Updates to reports and report books are also customizable, using central parameters such as the reporting month. cMORE/Books automatically connects to source systems and updates the reports based on parameters set by the user.  cMORE/Books also allows users to add comments to reports, a common requirement for modern reporting.  When using a cMORE/Books on a tablet you can also manage comments.

Create report books once and deploy them many times

Company reports are usually heterogeneous: senior management and departmental management may receive reports that are often generated from a centralized environment but which are tailored to meet the needs of each recipient or group of recipients.  cMORE/Books automates this process and makes it possible to produce report books for different audiences in a single operation.  A "Master Book" defines chapter or page level requirements for recipients.  A report created from cMORE/Books is delivered to the recipient as an individually customized report book, including the table of contents, as if it had been manually compiled specifically for that individual or group.

Interfaces to all common source systems

cMORE/Books supports all reporting solutions that provide an interface to Excel. This includes all major OLAP and Data Warehousing products, as well as a variety of ERP solutions.

Through the use of flexible parameters, report templates can be created in batches with different options during the production process.  For example, report books for subsidiary companies can be automatically generated that include special reports such as the income statement or the balance sheet of each unit.

Fully automated processes are offered for users of SAP (Business Explorer or Live Office) or Microsoft (Analysis Services). Further interfaces are in development.

cMORE/Books also checks the availability of source systems and logs when reports could not be produced, for example, due to a connectivity issue.


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Quick solution with cMORE/Books

The implementation of cMORE/Books is a matter of days, not months.  cMORE/Books protects investments in existing reporting systems from different manufacturers and can be used in the migration of Business Intelligence environments or with other systems such as ERP or CRM applications, providing a comprehensive solution for reporting.

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