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More quality and value in your reports with cMORE/Message

The cMORE/Message tool helps you create meaningful Excel reports based on your company data. It allows users to create Excel charts - from simple bar charts to complex waterfall charts - with just a few clicks.


The special feature here is that all graphics speak a single language, as internal notation concepts are defined centrally. cMORE/Message follows all the rules of modern information design.


On this basis, you will spend less time building your reports, delivering better quality. Reports are more meaningful and have a clear message.

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30 Days to Test cMORE/Message

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Increasing the value of complex reports

Eye tracking analyzes at FH Steyr have shown that information can be processed much faster with optimal visualizations. In other words, the basis for an efficient Reporting are appropriately selected visualizations.


Using the many Excel Chart templates from cMORE/Message makes it easier for readers of your reports to quickly capture information. The Excel Chart Template library already provides predefined reports for different presentation requirements. For example, on the basis of, for example, waterfall diagrams or deviation diagrams, even complex facts can be visualized in just a few steps.

A unified reporting language for a common understanding

The amount of data in the enterprise grows exponentially and thus also their visual representation becomes more relevant. A central notation concept ensures consistency and comprehensibility in reporting and also avoids room for interpretation with regard to the information presented in the diagrams. This offers more time and space for content-related discussion.


Presets, colors, labels, etc. are defined centrally and automatically applied to generated Excel diagrams. Subsequent changes are applied uniformly and automatically - even to existing graphics.

Provide with additional messages for even more information content

Uncommented reports can sometimes be more than an inference to supposed key messages. With cMORE/Message you can enrich your reports with important information. Comments and lines are used that give the Excel diagrams more context and point to important things.


This additional information is very interesting for the readers of your reports. This means that the function makes it possible to significantly increase the informative value of the Excel diagrams and to optimize the content quality.

Make reports and their content comparable

Reports with multiple charts are only correct if the data is comparable. The so-called chart synchronization and the automatic scaling make reports comparable and avoid wrong conclusions to statements, which could be transported for example with different scaling.


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