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The key to company-wide reporting is already in your hands

Unlock that potential: cMORE/XL uses Excel as the central hub for all reporting tasks throughout your business. After all, nothing beats a familiar environment and the ability to individually design tables and charts to support your day-to-day reporting requirements.

Be on the safe side: cMORE/XL has the same benefits of Excel – namely, the flexibility and freedom for business users – but embeds them in a safe, best-practice environment that fulfills the different needs in your company. 

Accept no limitations: Regardless if your users access reports through the Web, mobile devices, SharePoint or a self-service BI tool, cMORE/XL welcomes them in the environment where they feel at home: Excel.

cMORE/XL Dashboard

Loaded with functionality. Lightweight for IT.

cMORE/XL balances the expectations for an enterprise reporting solution with the ease of an Excel add-in. Unlike many reporting suites that require a full reporting layer and complex administration, cMORE/XL simply extends and transforms your existing IT architecture into a comprehensive reporting solution. This ensures that business departments can easily launch projects without a long wait in the starting blocks and gradually proceed step by step.

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Is your reporting noticed? With some tricks in the field of information design it will be easy!

Customers Report from their Practice

2 Combine system worlds for one-stop planning and profit from new, flexible evaluation options - an enormous gain in transparency - VTG Tanktainer proves it!


The tank container business is a manageable market on which only a handful of players are found around the world. One of them is VTG Tanktainer GmbH. Until now, it has been difficult for VTG controlling to reconcile its two underlying systems. With the support of pmOne, VTG Tanktainer has implemented a new planning solution based on the software components cMORE/XL and Microsoft SQL Server. This eliminates the laborious manual merge of individual Excel files of the past.

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Templates to quickly implement report designs

cMORE/XL delivers a comprehensive library of business charts including waterfall charts and KPI trees that conform with best practices in report design. cMORE/XL extends the standard Excel graphics such as bar or column charts with new visualization forms such as in-bar variance charts or color-coded time series. You can also expand or customize the template library to meet specific needs.

Since cMORE/XL generates pure Excel charts, you can edit them directly in Excel or reuse them in all common file formats for management presentations or layout  programs.

Information Design in Reporting

cMORE/XL supports reporting design initiatives that are advocated by leading experts such as Dr. Rolf Hichert. This allows you to create a common reporting language so that you can present different topics in a consistent, coherent way throughout your organization. The central concept, which describes the use of fonts, colors, terms, etc. for different chart types and areas  of your company, is stored as a Report Definition Sheet (RDS). cMORE/XL also incorporates the scientific support of eye-tracking methods to validate the efficiency and  effectiveness of visualization forms and templates on a regular basis.

Next steps: Build fully automated report production lines or solutions for SharePoint users

With cMORE/Books, you can transform cMORE/XL into a fully automated production line for all your reporting needs. SharePoint users can also benefit from cMORE/Share, an innovative, award-winning reporting portal with a simple report navigation.

Benefits of Reporting

  • Fast implementation, minimal training
  • High acceptance among business users
  • Full flexibility of Excel to incorporate individual requirements 
  • One report for all devices and output formats including different permission levels


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