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cMORE/Share: Flexible, personalized portals

Do you know that?

Do you spend too much time searching, processing and providing a wide variety of information? In doing so, you may also lose important data and you doubt its relevance - which is not only important to you, but also forms the basis for successful entrepreneurial decision-making processes?


Then it's time for a portal that you can set up with just a few clicks and easily integrate existing information systems. Access: User-friendly, flexible, personal .

cMORE/Share - Flexibles Layout: Multi Device
cMORE/Share - Flexibles Layout: Multi Device

OneDashboard connects SharePoint and cMORE in more than 60 business intelligence applications

SharePoint and cMORE as the ideal basis for Enterprise Reporting
at Henkel. Standardization allows for the shift of
reporting to Shared Service Center.

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Are you looking for a portal solution without overhead?

Operating, training and adjustment costs are important factors in choosing a portal solution.

cMORE/Share scores in all these categories with its Light-Weight approach and ease of use. You do not need a server zoo and no time-consuming training for employees.

As a department, would you like to set up a portal department solution yourself?

You can only speak of a pure specialist department solution if it can be operated and maintained completely without IT support.

cMORE/Share fulfills this requirement through different operating options, as a light server, as a scalable web application or as a SharePoint app. We support you in setting up, you do the rest.

Are you looking for a interface to display live information from different systems or do you already have a BI system?

Each system has its own interface, BI tools often have web and portal approaches, often difficult to customize and difficult to configure. Sometimes expensive too.

Each system has its own interface; BI Reporting Tools often have web and portal approaches, often difficult to customize and difficult to configure. Sometimes expensive too.

cMORE/Share helps here. System with Web interface can be easily embedded and the data is therefore always live.

Your application scenario is not included? Well possible, because our customers use cMORE/Share in many different ways.

OnDemand - This webinar will provide you with information about the cMORE/Share solution


Best Practice Award Business Intelligence

With the multiple winner of the Best Practice Award BI! cMORE / Share creates a single-point-of-information across the enterprise and ensures the continuous delivery of up-to-date information at the corporate and departmental level.

Live information: Stay up to date

Dashboard tiles can display interactive but also traditional static content. So-called live tiles show real-time information that is made available either from your own company, external sources or user-specific content.


For example, users can use Live Tiles to track current stock quotes, project status documents, relevant reports, or industry-specific news. It is also possible with cMORE/Share to gather information and opinions regarding their own brands and their own products from social media.


What do users think about your company? Live tiles in cMORE/Share always show the most recent posts.

Flexible Layout: Customize Dashboards

The requirements for navigation elements as well as the general usability of user interfaces are increasing. The new generation of consumers has a clear expectation for the surface of business applications - they should be easy to understand and use.


The tile layout of cMORE/Share makes it possible to present company information in a clear, appealing and easy-to-use manner. Whether you're using a desktop PC , tablet or smartphone .


The contents - and thus the number of tiles - can be changed at any time. In addition, their arrangement adapts automatically to the device class used.

Personalized: Users decide what Information is needed

With the help of cMORE/Share you provide employees, colleagues and teams with targeted information - thematically prepared, in good quality and in defined quantity. Users can access this information pool - but also decide for themselves which topics are of interest.


With tagging (tagging) or the setting of favorite tiles, users build their own personal views and control the display of content individually.


The own dashboard enables faster finding of relevant information. The users will be enthusiastic.

Filter content for a clear overview
Filter content for a clear overview


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