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The Challenge

High costs, low profit margins

Airlines are extremely expensive to run but have margins of only about 4 percent on average. As a result, increasing operational efficiency is critical to staying competitive.


The additional cost of fares

Every time a customer or booking agency views a fare, the query hits the airline's reservation system - which will be expensive. Traffic grows across all booking channels, resulting in increased costs.


Limited overview of rates and availability

Rate and availability information often only exists in operating systems, without the ability to compare KPIs and analyze historical data. It is difficult to make proactive changes in the response to market conditions (i.e., a flight next week still has 50% capacity).

  • Decreases the “look to book ratio” up to 50%.
  • Reduces hardware expenditures.
  • Turns capital investments into operational costs.
  • Improves service with a central hub business departments can use to get and analyze customer data.
  • Scales infinitely and with high-performance.
  • Provides real-time access to flight availability and fares.
  • Automatically delivers flight availability and fares to reseller companies.
  • Optimize fares and plane utilization through near-real-time reporting and history.
  • Provides reporting that can be used for big data analytics.

How to get started

  • Contact us - aviation(at)  
  • We’ll deliver a proof of concept within 10 days of getting started. 
  • After the proof of concept, you can evaluate the solution for 30 days.
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