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XPCT - Machine Learning assisted Forecasting, Simulation and Scenario Planning

Planning is more than just collecting data

Today’s planning processes are increasingly complex and require a professional, software-driven solution. CCH® Tagetik delivers with software that truly integrates planning and consolidation on a whole new level. Different planning levels are closely intertwined. Detailed operational plans flow directly into financial planning and are consolidated across the enterprise.


CCH® Tagetik users have capitalized on state-of-the-art planning for many years. But in this era marked by big data and even bigger uncertainty, they have been asking for new ways to create even more realistic planning scenarios. The answer is advanced analytics. We at pmOne have integrated R, the language of statisticians, directly in CCH® Tagetik. This opens the Office of Finance to a world of sophisticated forecast models, machine learning and even linear optimization models.


XPCT makes it easier than ever to simulate business drivers based on cause-and-effect relationships. This plug-and-play tool developed by pmOne extends existing planning solutions such as CCH® Tagetik along with all other types of forecasting and simulation tools.

Nothing is like it used to be – and who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Corporate culture is changing. Companies are thinking more in terms of networks and interdisciplinary teamwork instead of the strict hierarchies of the past. Controllers are transitioning from number crunchers to digitization managers and, therefore, important business partners in decision-making processes. Their main job has clearly evolved from analyzing historical data to moderating, organizing and future-proofing the strategy development process. Reactive analytics are being replaced by proactive predictive analytics. Enabling such profound changes, however, requires openness and the ability to transform.  



How can companies measure change and uncertainty early on and take calculated risks? How can software help manage volatility?


A driver tree is the key


Control and drive business performance on a whole new level:


  • Build models that quantify the main business drivers
  • Link financial and performance metrics to develop strategies and control operations based on this knowledge
  • Build clear, understandable scenarios quickly and easily
  • Run simulations that deliver real informative value
  • Use business drivers to make more accurate forecasts

XPCT – Innovation from pmOne


XPCT provides an environment for comprehensive forecasting and simulation based on business driver models. The objective is to successively replace suspected cause-and-effect relationships with calculable models. An open platform and the ability to easily connect internal and external data sources are required.


Whether the data is currently stored in web services, popular databases or spreadsheets, transferring it the driver model must not pose a challenge. The driver model must be flexible and quickly adapt to new requirements and data. This is exactly what XPCT, the latest innovation from pmOne, provides.


If only you knew how your business will develop over the coming years…


Turbocharge for your business strategy with XPCT.  


  • Base decisions on facts, not speculation
  • Run forecasts and simulations on all types of data
  • Respond to mission-critical scenarios quickly with targeted actions

Technical description

XPCT is designed to run in the cloud (Microsoft Azure) and on premises. All modern browser versions are supported. XPCT has capabilities to access a wide range of data sources and upstream/downstream systems, including CCH TagetikcMORE, SAP ERP / BW / BPC, and Microsoft Dynamics.


XPCT uses Microsoft SQL Server Version 2016 or higher and Microsoft R Services (or Microsoft R Server) for complex calculations and business driver simulations.

System architecture of XPCT
System architecture of XPCT

XPCT takes planning solutions to the next level

XPCT is an agile platform which you can further develop and flexibly adapt to your unique forecasting and simulation requirements. Traditional planning solutions, in comparison, often have a more rigid framework. This may be helpful in supporting large-scale planning processes, but can cause issues when building scenarios.



Let’s say a currency rate or variable cost (i.e. a parameter and/or a cause-and-effect relationship) changes in the system. XPCT quickly identifies where and how the effects of this change will take place – without having to consider the effects on other planning and forecasting processes.

There are also significant differences in terms of functionality. A typical planning solution has highly standardized functions such as allocations, success and financial planning logic, currency conversion, etc. Individual requirements such as forecasting can be implemented to an extent using MDX.


XPCT utilizes an open connection to R and other open source standards to support cutting-edge methods such as forecasting via neural networks.


When users need an agile response to their requirements, they often fall back on the spreadsheets where they can model predictors by linking cells in a flexible, easy setup. Spreadsheets, however, only provide a quick fix. Aside from the risks related to their structural weakness, these models quickly become complex and rigid as well. Unlike a classic Excel solution, XPCT powers simulations on complex corporate structures.

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