Quickly and easily to a solution for business intelligence, reporting, analysis and visualization

cMORE makes you to a data nerd, because cMORE with its tools helps users

  • to built faster solutions for business intelligence (BI), reporting, analysis and visualization,
  • to expand this and
  • efficient operation.

cMORE uses the software infrastructure of Microsoft, in particular the SQL Server, Microsoft Excel and SharePoint.

cMORE/Message: Simple design - Strong Statement

Give your reports a message. While the Excel user is still struggling to create the correct Excel diagrams, you can use cMORE / Message and its Excel chart templates to explain the really relevant things in the report.

cMORE/Message allows users to create Excel diagrams - from the simple bar chart to the complex waterfall diagram - with just a few clicks. Faster than any Excel Power User. In a company-wide presentation. According to accepted controlling standards.

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cMORE/XL: Centerpiece for reporting and analysis

The key to enterprise-wide reporting is already in your hands: cMORE / XL uses Excel as the central hub for all reporting tasks. cMORE/XL preserves the strengths of the Excel tool - flexibility and autonomy of end users - and integrates them in an environment that ensures process-proof, consolidated reporting, which meets the different requirements of the company.

Pictorially speaking, cMORE/XL is a reliable workplace for corporate reporting. And works without restrictions: Whether the recipient is to be provided with reports via the web, smartphones and touchpads, or via SharePoint, cMORE/XL brings users where they feel at home - in Excel.

cMORE/XL combines the company's commitment to a reporting solution with the ease of an Excel add-on, and has thus become the heart of reporting in hundreds of companies around the world.

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cMORE/Books: Creation of predefined and personalized report books

The monthly reporting creates the last nerve? Save many manual reporting processes and automate the creation of predefined and personalized reports.

With cMORE/Books, you can summarize reports from different sources into personalized report books and distribute them to the different target groups at the push of a button. The report can be provided in any file format and is based on the wishes of the recipient.

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cMORE/Share: Click & Go for personalized information portals

Your request is a company-wide platform for "Self Service BI"? Personalized and tried and tested: cMORE/Share is the central entry point for business intelligence applications and reporting at Henkel, Daimler and Heraeus for tens of thousands of employees.

2x awarded the Best Practice Award for Business Intelligence: In 2012 the "Single Point of Access" solution at Heraeus and 2015 won the "OneDashboard" solution at Henkel, the renowned Best Practice Award Business Intelligence awarded by a panel of experts chaired by Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of the Business Application Research Center (BARC). The excellent solutions at Heraeus and Henkel are based on cMORE/Share and were implemented with the support of pmOne.

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cMORE/Connect: Automated SAP data connection

You need access to SAP data from SAP ERP or SAP BW for ad-hoc reports or quick analysis? Save 80 percent of your time with the creation and maintenance of the data supply processes with cMORE/Connect. Use the business content predefined in cMORE/Connect to automate and simplify the connection of individual SAP modules.

cMORE/Connect automates the extraction of SAP data from SAP ERP and SAP BW. cMORE/Connect is an extension of the SAP Connector Xtract IS from Theobald Software and provides easy access to SAP data for analysis in Excel, SQL Server and Power BI.

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cMORE/Modeller: Visual data modeling of technical requirements and their technical realization in one working step

How do I get from the business concept to the finished, evaluable data model? With cMORE/Modeller: The professional requirements for data modeling are documented in a Mind Map and then implemented automatically in Microsoft SQL Server. Clearly and quickly.

cMORE/Modeller is the fastest way from the technical concept to the ready, evaluable data model. In a "Mind Map", business users build the desired Business Intelligence application, which is automatically implemented in tables, cubes and ready-made reports in the background. This is how you structure your technical requirements for data modeling - the technical implementation is carried out automatically in the same work step.

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"They all said, 'Wow, that's cool. Wow, this is a good platform '. And so, over a period of a year - more than 40 applications were created on this unified, integrated platform. "

Thomas Zeutschler, Senior Manager im Analytics Center of Excellence, Integrated Business Solutions, Henkel


"One of the strengths of cMORE/XL is that, as soon as the question is clear, you can create your reports within a very short time. This is simply unbeatable.“

Thomas Stamm, Berichtswesen, SOVAG

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