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Business Intelligence

Definition von Business Intelligence

IT-driven BI systems have prevailed in order to maintain control over the ever-growing data volumes. Users of Business Intelligence gain strategic insights by analyzing and visualizing the available operational data. Common usage scenarios include finance and management accounting.

Advantages of Business Intelligence

Highly automated information management improves responsiveness in companies. In today’s highly complex and dynamic markets, an information advantage is often a competitive advantage.

The data that feeds a BI solution can be stored in a data warehouse or data mart. Companies can incorporate relevant data from both internal and external sources. OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) technologies structure and combine data into cubes that make it easier to identify correlations.

Companies can provision the information gained through a common interface, often called a dashboard. This type of (Web) portal can also provision analytic tools to a wide range of users. These tools enable users to prepare information, publish it across the enterprise, and use it to optimize business processes.

Webinars on Business Intelligence

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Process Steps of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence applications structure raw data, evaluate information, and generate strategic information. These are the steps of the process:

  • Extracting and importing data from source systems
  • Consolidating and saving data from various sources in a database to process it for a specific purpose*
  • Analyzing data
  • Processing the results as reports targeted to the users’ informational needs
  • Transferring the results back to operational processes

*data warehouse only

Business Intelligence is our business

The 200 employees of pmOne develop and implement business intelligence solutions in the areas of planning, reporting, analysis and forecasting. Our BI solutions meet the specific information needs of different makers adapted the company - especially management, finance and controlling - and enable next business analysis and business simulations, planning and consolidation. The range includes products (own and others) as well as extensive consulting services to implement BI solutions to operate and expand.

We increase the competitiveness of our more than 500 customers. We prefer to use the

Microsoft </ link> </ b> and <b> <link 904 _top internal-link "SAP Reporting"> SAP </ link> </ b>, supplemented by our proprietary software cMORE.
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