Virtual COVID-19 information portal

The current situation poses unprecedented challenges to our global community. The heroes of our healthcare systems are fighting tirelessly for our wellbeing. Internationally, countless individuals and companies have risen to the challenge with bold ideas, solutions and services to improve the lives of people and patients in this extraordinary situation.


True to our commitment "Data driven - People minded", we have considered how we can use our data expertise to support people in this crisis.


The flood of information in the age of COVID-19

The high-frequency changes in the situation greatly impact our business management decisions. These decisions must also be swiftly communicated to employees and documented in a legally compliant manner.


At the beginning of the year we replaced our intranet with a "Smart Solution" based on our software service pmOne Share. Particularly in light of the pandemic, this service has proven to be spot on in terms of flexibility, speed and acceptance.


This success inspired us.





Virtual hub for COVID-19

In the first step of our solution, the hub aggregates existing and established public reporting solutions and provides advanced filtering capabilities. In parallel, our Data Science colleagues use algorithms to evaluate the global news flows.  Initial results are already available in the dashboard.


These reports, analyses and artificial intelligence elements are built on a virtual data layer from our partner Denodo.


This approach allows us to concentrate on creating analyses and AI elements as well as the orchestration of all information streams in the pmOne Share Cockpit. Denodo guarantees a powerful database and the networking of all objects it contains.


View the result live!

Access to our Cockpit is possible worldwide and via all common end devices.


Please let us know if you have further information needs. We can integrate required information and datapoints into the virtual hub together with Denodo and investigate with our data scientists.


We look forward to your feedback.

Dr. Norman Bernhardt
Head of Digital Solution R&D
pmOne AG
Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 7
10178 Berlin
+49 151 14867338
Dr. Norman Bernhardt

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