Truly game-changing innovation is driven by data, because powerful insights are hidden in the millions of data that are generated every day.


Say goodbye to data silos. Microsoft Discover: Analytics in a day is designed to simplify and accelerate your journey towards using a modern data warehouse to power your business.


Azure data experts will lead you though an analytics holistic view from data ingestion to business intelligence, empower self-service, and enable a truly data-driven culture in your business.


After this day, data professionals will better understand how to:

The workshop will be dedicated to get you started with modern cloud data warehousing. Practice labs will give you firsthand experience on the modern Azure data stack and show how Azure Synapse Analytics is transforming modern data warehousing.


The first half of the day from 9 am – 1 pm will help you better understand how to:

· Create an analytics solution that goes from data ingestion to insights using

  Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI
· Empower self-service analytics
· Enable a truly data-driven culture in your business

Part of the workshop will be dedicated to hands-on training to help you get started on your cloud analytics journey.  

The second half of the day from 1 pm – 5 pm is optional and will focus on best practices around designing Power BI + Azure Synapse Analytics BI solutions to enable “Discipline at the core and flexibility at the edge”.

Register via Microsoft:

$150 Azure credit for workshop participants from Microsoft


Workshop attendees can use the same set of credentials to continue access to the HOL environment

time limit: up to 12h*/ 1 week max.


* Wokshop participants must ensure that they pause the SQL Pool, and terminate any spark pool cluster when not in use, to keep the total up-time below 12 hours.

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